What the Curriculum Entails

What the Curriculum Entails

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The LifeSong curriculum is divided into nine age and level-specific groups designed to allow girls to participate for up to a total of six years in the program. Depending upon the age of the girl when she enters the program, each curriculum level provides a wide range of activities and studies that increase their knowledge and understanding of God’s Word and help them to develop confidence in who they are in Christ. The curriculum is intended to encourage the development of key Biblical characteristics and promote growth towards becoming mature young women of God.


Ideally, girls begin the program at age 7 and have the opportunity to participate in all curriculum levels. However, the program is designed so that girls may start at any age between 7 and 12. Girls that matriculate at an older age can still experience the core portions of the curriculum.


The program is divided into progressive categories as follows: Levels I through III, Apprentice I and II, and Senior Scholars. The progression through the program is designed to be stepped, with each higher level building upon material presented in previous years.


All girls begin at Level I for their age group – either Level I for ages 7-9 or Level I for ages 10-12. After completing Level I, each girl may advance to the next curriculum level sequentially. Girls that begin at age 7 and complete Levels I through III may elect to take Apprentice I and II. Girls that complete the Apprentice programs may then enroll in the Senior Scholars program – the highest level available.