LifeSong lessons confirm the vital truth that the Bible is God’s inerrant Word.
What We Do

Since 2007, LifeSong has been equipping students to discern between God’s Truth and secular ideology.  LifeSong publishes the LifeSong Scholars and Swordsmen of Truth Bible Study Curricula for children ages 7-12.

Truth Under Siege

Today the battle over the authority of God’s Word is apparent in every area of our lives.  In the lives of our children, secular ideas dominate every level of education and even infiltrate children and youth ministries.

Despite an overabundance of Bible Studies available for children and teens, there is still a tremendous need going unmet.  Christians are not successfully raising up generations confident in the Bible.  Because most Bible studies fail to set the firm foundation that God’s Word is true, they open the door to doubt and compromise.

Doubt and compromise in our youth make them unable to defend their faith when they go off to college and into the workforce.  Consequently, the majority of teens and young adults raised in the church are abandoning their parents’ faith.

Meeting Today’s Bible Study Needs

With apologetics woven throughout the curriculum, every LifeSong lesson exposes the dangers of compromise by contrasting the fallacies of secular thinking with Scriptural truth.

The LifeSong curriculum combats the assault on Scriptural authority by equipping students to stand firm with a Biblical worldview.

Polls show that the majority of Christians, including those who profess to believe the Word of God, hold compromised positions on basic issues like salvation and marriage.

LifeSong builds trust in the authority of the Bible in order to equip Christians to effectively reach a lost world with the Good News of the Gospel.