How the Lessons are Arranged

How the Lessons are Arranged

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Lessons begin with prayer and worship and then focus on learning and discussing a message from the Bible. Time is provided to scrutinize countering world views. Each lesson includes activities designed to reinforce the meaning and significance of the Biblical lesson. In addition, these activities are constructed to give the girls an opportunity to practice important lifeskills such as written and oral communication. The materials are appropriate for a Sunday School curriculum.


The girls are also encouraged to use their creativity and resourcefulness in a variety of activities fashioned to provide a chance to enhance and apply these skills in pursuits that range from developing mini Biblical “infomercials” to practicing a public address.


LifeSong-produced DVDs provide interviews with Godly women role models who are serving the Lord in a variety of capacities such as stay-at-home moms and ministry leaders. These productions as well as other LifeSong lesson materials reinforce Biblical messages.


In order to be as effective as possible, Group Leaders receive live training, training manuals, lesson plans and supplies, lesson instruction sheets (including worship music lyrics), and access to on-line resources. The girls each receive individual materials that support and enhance the program activities including Bibles, journals, books, pens, tee shirts, graduation ceremony awards, and access to on-line resources.