Swordsmen of Truth

The Swordsmen of Truth Bible Study curriculum is divided into 3 levels and 2 age groups designed to allow boys to participate for up to a total of six years in the program. Depending upon the age of the boy when he enters the program, each curriculum level provides increasing depth of study to expand knowledge and understanding of God’s Word.  Every lesson is designed to help children develop confidence in who they are in Christ.  The curriculum is intended to encourage the development of key Biblical characteristics and promote growth towards becoming mature young men of God.

Ideally, boys begin the program at age 7 and have the opportunity to participate in all curriculum levels. However, the program is designed so that boys may start at any age from 7 and 12. Boys that start at an older age can still participate in the core portions of the curriculum.

The program is divided into progressive categories as follows: Levels 1 through 3. The program is designed to be progressive with each higher level building upon material presented in previous years.

All boys begin at Level 1 for their age group – either Level 1 for ages 7-9 or Level 1 for ages 10-12. After completing Level 2, each boy may advance to the next curriculum level sequentially. Boys that complete Levels 1 through 3 may choose to become Apprentices and serve alongside Bible study teachers.

Level 1: 

This is the first of three core courses. Its focus is on developing an understanding of who Jesus is, and why we need a Savior. This course explores the meaning of relationship with Jesus in the Bible, and nurtures familiarity with, and confidence in God’s Word. This course also sets the groundwork for countering the world’s messages that oppose belief in God’s Word and His plan for our lives.  In addition, this course will help develop Godly characteristics and Biblical wisdom.

Level 2:

For boys that have completed Level 1. This is the second of three core courses. Its focus is on nurturing Godly characteristics in the boys. Bible lessons focus on the characteristics of Christians and Godly qualities for boys and men. It is designed to assist boys in using God’s Word to develop a full understanding of who they are in Christ and what it means to be part of the Body of Christ. This course explores the meaning of a renewed spirit and being set-apart from the world. Activities at this level are designed to reinforce lessons about how the world’s behavior and beliefs are different, and how we can guard ourselves from taking part in un-Godly behavior and thinking.

Level 3:  

For boys that have completed Levels 1 and 2. This is the third and last of three core courses. Its focus is on nurturing a desire to serve God through the Body of Christ. Role models of Godly men are reviewed including becoming Biblically-defined Godly men, husbands, and leaders. Biblical lessons explore our unique, God-given talents, and the many ways we can live a life for God’s glory. Activities at this level are designed to help boys feel confident about who they are in Christ. Lessons reinforce Biblical instruction on putting God first in all that we do.


For boys ages 10-12 who have completed Levels 1-3
Apprenticeships are designed to provide boys the opportunity to serve as role models in the program by assisting Group Leaders with lesson activities. Apprentices lead prayers, encourage the boys, and assist the leaders in a variety of ways depending on their unique gifts. In this way, the boys become a productive part of the program and learn to serve in ministry.