How Girls Learn through LifeSong

The LifeSong curriculum is structured to progressively provide girls with training that builds upon foundational material. Each meeting will begin with prayer time and worship followed by a lesson, activity, and discussion time.


Through hands-on training, the girls will learn that they can become scholars of the Bible who are confident in its understanding and application in their lives. Furthermore, the LifeSong program is designed to train girls to be Bereans in their approach to the Bible. By completing multiple levels in the curriculum, the girls gain progressively higher levels of knowledge of the Bible that are reinforced trough age-appropriate activities and materials.


Materials used during for the lessons include: Bibles, children’s books about Jesus, journals, worship music CDs, posters on dress and appearance, and DVD interviews with Godly women role models. In addition to achieving the main goals of the program, all materials are selected to teach the girls about the importance of reading Christian books, listening to Christian music, bible study and watching Christian movies. To spark an enthusiasm for Christian literature, an age-appropriate novel is assigned and discussed in related lessons.


How Girls Fellowship through LifeSong

The LifeSong curriculum provides girls with an opportunity to interact with Godly women from their local church in a small-group setting. The fellowship activities provide fun and dynamic ways to learn about God’s Word and to discern between God’s Truth and the messages of the world. The program also provides for positive feedback and recognition of the girl’s accomplishments so that they acquire confidence in what they have learned.


The LifeSong Community also provides both girls and leaders the opportunity to participate in forums with other participants either in their local church alone, or with participating churches worldwide. The choice is up to the Group Leaders and parents. LifeSong monitors all forums. Required logins and passwords assigned by LifeSong prevent unauthorized usage.


How the Program Works

Local churches register with LifeSong and obtain Curriculum Fact Sheets to promote interest in the program. Churches then identify Group Leaders and determine the number of girls participating in the program for the coming calendar year. LifeSong provides all the participant resources, teachers’ guides, and lesson materials. Additionally, training for all Group Leaders is provided by LifeSong.


The curriculum is designed to include two semesters per level so that each level may be completed in about one year with time off for the summer. We encourage all participating churches to host a special graduation ceremony at the conclusion of the year with graduation award materials that are available through LifeSong.


The curriculum is designed to provide 14 per semester with each lesson lasting approximately 1.5 hours. Girls that participate in the program one year may continue to participate in future years by advancing through progressively higher levels of the curriculum.


How Group Leaders Lead

LifeSong provides Group Leaders with comprehensive training and materials to ensure that they are well prepared to lead the girls. Group Leaders are equipped through training materials, training events, and on-line resources. Group Leaders are then responsible for following lesson guides and leading the girls as outlined through the activities for each class. Before beginning, all Group Leaders participate in a live training session. In addition to the time spent teaching the girls during the year, Group Leaders should anticipate allowing time to complete the live training session.


Group Leaders should be Godly women who 1) feel committed to working with the girls; 2) agree with the goals of the program; 3) can serve as Godly role models for the girls; 4) complete the LifeSong training, and; 5) agree to serve for at least 1 year in the program.


How Local Programs are Organized

Ideally, girls should be placed in groups of 5 per Group Leader with a maximum of 10 girls per leader. These numbers are recommended as the ideal pairing ratio to offer the best opportunity for interaction and individual attention.


Depending on the number of girls participating in the program, the girls should be grouped according to age as follows:

Group 1 – ages 7 and 8
Group 2 – ages 9 and 10
Group 3 – ages 11 and 12


Alternatively, if fewer girls are participating, the girls may be grouped as follows:

Group 1 – ages 7, 8 and 9
Group 2 – ages 10, 11 and 12


How Churches Can Opt for Flexibility


Each registered local church will have the ability to customize the program to meet their individual needs. Although complete curriculum usage is encouraged, a subset of materials and lessons may be selected in order to design the local program around other course offerings at the church.


Why Graduation is Important


LifeSong makes graduation materials available to churches so that they may host a special graduation ceremony at the end of each curriculum year to recognize the girls for their achievements. LifeSong graduation materials enable churches to host ceremonies that involve Group Leaders, parents, and girls, and acknowledge the work, commitments, and accomplishments of the girls during the year. To facilitate this process, Group Leaders are asked to keep accurate attendance and activity participation records throughout the year to support the graduation ceremony acknowledgements.