How the Program Works

How the Program Works

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Local churches register with LifeSong and obtain Curriculum Fact Sheets to promote interest in the program. Churches then identify Group Leaders and determine the number of girls participating in the program for the coming calendar year. LifeSong provides all the participant resources, teachers’ guides, and lesson materials. Additionally, training for all Group Leaders is provided by LifeSong.


The curriculum is designed to include two semesters per level so that each level may be completed in about one year with time off for the summer. We encourage all participating churches to host a special graduation ceremony at the conclusion of the year with graduation award materials that are available through LifeSong.


The curriculum is designed to provide 14 per semester with each lesson lasting approximately 1.5 hours. Girls that participate in the program one year may continue to participate in future years by advancing through progressively higher levels of the curriculum.

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